Our Work in the Community

Seawolf Hockey Alliance prioritizes its work in the following key areas.

Operational Business Plan

Development of a comprehensive near and long-term business plan that will give the team the opportunity to rebuild and sustain a Division I hockey program.

Multi-Year Season Ticket Plan

Explore ways to engage students and community fans to facilitate ticket purchases, while aggressively promoting UAA hockey games.

Short Term Off Campus Venue

Focus on the venue near-term for games that provide fans a quality game experience.

Long-Term Permanent on Campus Venue

Develop a long-term vision for a venue on campus by supporting a feasibility study of expansion of the Seawolf Sports Complex or construction of another on-campus venue.

Hockey Conference and Competition

Support the pursuit of membership in a Division I hockey conference to remain a long-term viable program at the highest level of collegiate hockey. In the interim, schedule best possible competition to insure fan support.

Game Experience

Provide an engaging and dynamic fan experience at home games. The hockey venue must include visual and audio elements that provide game information, entertainment, fan participation, and venue amenities that result in a positive experience to complement the on-ice play.

Support UAA Hockey

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